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Read blog on DJ Prince Hakim

Read blog on DJ Prince Hakim

Everyone has an opinion on what it takes to make it as a professional DJ. To some, the genre you play will dictate whether you have a future or not. To others, you are defined simply by the tools that you use. Let me introduce you to DJ Prince Hakim; DJ, Producer and Artist. NJ based Hakim son of "Robert Kool Bell" of the legendary "Kool & the Gang”. Hakim is also the-founders & producer of the former group "POV". The NJ native is known all over for his show-stealing sets and believes that technology doesn't make the DJ. For Hakim, it's all about the music, and his instinctive approach to his work as both a DJ and producer has earned him a legion of fans all over.                

Good Morning Hakim! Are you ready to get started?

Good Morning Stacey! Let's do this.

What do you consider to be the incisive moment of your career?

I used to DJ as a teenager, I also produced and I had a group called POV. I had my own record deal with "Warner Brothers" back in the day. We also did a duet with the group Jade.  The legendary "Jermaine Dupree" re-inspired me to get back into DJing. 

What are your main challenges as a DJ?

Getting the gigs you want & connecting with an agency that’s going to hustle as hard as you is a challenge as a DJ as well

How do you usually start preparing for a set?

All through the week I  listen to music to prepare mentally each event is exciting even if its 50 or 1500 people. I get excited every time I hit the stage to spin.

What are your favorite songs from the past 5 year?

Pharrell Williams "get lucky Bruno Mars "24 karat".

Who would you consider the greatest rapper of all time?

Jay Z is the greatest of all time but Pac & Rakim are my favorite .

What was your most favorite gig?

The NY Post Holiday Party, the energy & vibe was dope! They even came up on stage to party with me.

Who is your favorite DJ right now?

My favorite is DJ DNice & Quest Love. They are both DOPE! 

What are your music predictions for the next few years?

In the next 5 to 10 years  independent artist will be more hands on & Artist apps will become even more popular… a DIY approach where you can click on the app and get everything you want from an artist

Vinyl or CD?


Old or new school?

Old school

What's your Lyric? One song only.

"I got sunshine on a cloudy day".

One thing you would change about the current music scene?

Some of the degrading lyrics about women, even though the music sounds dope... wait! I forgot to add "Kendrick Lamar" as one of my favorite rappers.

Have you ever had a starstruck moment?

Yes, when I met Janet & Michael Jackson, also when I met Eddie Van Halen.

Most people you ever played in front of?

When playing with "Kool & the Gang" for 500,000 people, but as a DJ 3,000 – 5,000 people.

Last question Hakim,  If you could DJ for one person who would it be?


Thank you, Hakim... It was a chill interview

Thank you!

WL- Reached out to DJ DNice to let him know the admiration Hakim had for him

DJ DNice: I think Hakim is Great! I appreciate his kind words & he will thrive.

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Hakim & Whoopie.


Hakim & friend Jermaine Dupree.


Hakim & Sarah Michelle Geller.


Hakim & Dr. Dre.


Hakim & Jamie Foxx.


Hakim & DJ Dnice.


Hakim & Big Boi.


Hakim & Solange.


The family at the Hollywood walk of fame.


Hakim & Lil Kim.


Hakim & Mona Scott Young.


DJ Prince Hakim Y'all.


Hakim at the Grammys.


Hakim with good friends Vince & Tamar.


Hollywood walk of fame~


It's all in the Vinyl~


Hakim Live @ Bonnaroo~

Hakim & Walt Anderson's single R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y

Hakim & Walt performing R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y on Good Day Washington.

Hakim being interviewed with 411.

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